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The New Forest


Q. Can I get my van/car to my campsite? What about my Trailer?

A. No off site vehicles/persons are allowed to drive onto the camping areas. If weather conditions permit and a site vehicle and staff member is available, trailers can be towed onto your site by Ferny Crofts staff. Please note that not all campsites are accessible by a vehicle and therefore some trailers will be unable to be dropped off directly onto your campsite. 


Q. I am arriving after hours; which campsite/building am I on?
A. A campsite map is located on the door of the site reception and is updated daily with your group name. You shall also receive this information prior your arrival within the welcome correspondence. 

QWhat time are we allowed on to our campsite and what time do we have to leave?
A. This depends on where you are staying and the day of the week. Your exact check-in and check-out times will be specified on your booking statement. However standard check-out times are:
Arrival after 1400 hours and departure before 1200 hours. These are exceptionally strict within the summer holidays and groups will be charged for early arrival/late departure.

Q. What are the Reception opening hours?
A. Normal opening hours are 0830-1630hrs. Extended opening hours are often in effect during the summer holidays, and times will be displayed on the Reception door.

Q. What time does my activity session start?
A. There are four activity sessions per day, these are:

       0900 - 1030
       1100 - 1230
       1330 - 1500
       1530 - 1700

Between the 1st May - 1st September we are able to offer an evening session time slot from 18:00 - 19:30. Dates outside of this time shall have to be discussed and agreed upon with our Activities Team*


Between the 28th October - 31st March (when the clocks change) we are unable to offer the 1530 - 1700 session. This is due to our instructors requiring at least 30 minutes before sunset to take down an activity safely.

Q. Where do we go for our instructed activity session?
A. Please go straight to your activity area 5 minutes before the start of the session to ensure a punctual start. The Ferny Crofts Activity Instructor will meet you there. If you are unsure where your Activity is taking place, please ask at Reception when you check in. 

Q. Where do we collect the self-led equipment from?

A. Groups must come to reception before all self-led sessions, in order to collect the relevant equipment or key for the activity. All groups will be asked to sign a form to say that they have collected the equipment.

Q. We have hired Mountain Bikes, where do we collect them from?

A. All groups must come to reception before taking bikes off site. We require all participants to watch a brief video and complete a hire agreement form before departing. 

Q. Do leaders need to be present during activity sessions?

A. Yes. Participants must be supervised at all times by an adult leader. Activity sessions will not go ahead or will be stopped if no leader is present. This also applies to groups with participants aged 16-18. 

Q. Am I allowed more than the maximum stated amount of participants on our activity sessions?

A. No. We are unable to allow more than 12 participants to an activity instructor within a session. Participants are not able to swap over within sessions. Activities that permit 24 participants (Zip Wire and All Aboard) are due to two instructors having to run these sessions. 

Q. Do activity sessions get cancelled due to bad weather?

A. Activity sessions will only get cancelled when thunder and lightening is present above the site. Activity instructors may also cancel sessions in very icy or high wind conditions, if it is deemed to be unsafe. However, activities will continue to go ahead in rainy conditions, so please ensure all participants bring suitable clothing.

Q. I have a problem, who do I call?
A. In an EMERGENCY - initial contact should be made with the appropriate emergency services by the usual means. Please inform the Duty Manager if you have contacted any of the emergency services and they are attending the centre.

If urgent contact needs to be made with a member of staff, the Duty Manager can be contacted on 07842 241659 out of office hours. If you have a problem during the day, please come up to reception where we shall try our best to resolve it.

Q. When do I have to pay for my stay and what method can I use?
A. Please ensure your full balance is settled up at the very latest before leaving site. This can be done by visiting Reception, and you are able to pay via cash/cheque, Credit/Debit card or by Bank Transfer.

Q. Are we allowed to have a fire?
A. Yes. However fires are to be lit only on designated fire pits (concrete bases) which can be found on every campsite, or in an altar fire (these can be hired free of charge from Reception).

Q. Is fire wood available?
A. We rely on donated wood which is generally a mixture of pallets or broken pallet wood. There is a wood pile located in the eastern end of the car park; however Ferny Crofts cannot guarantee a supply of firewood as this depends on donations from local businesses. If you want to ensure that you can have a campfire, please consider bringing your own wood supply. Alternatively, tonne bags of wood can be purchased and delivered to your site ahead of your arrival. We cannot guarantee delivery if it is requested after your arrival. 

Q. Can I collect wood from the forest?
A. No. New Forest bylaws forbid the collection of firewood on the open forest. However dead firewood can be collected from the floor within the boundary of Ferny Crofts.
Damaging or cutting down of trees is strictly forbidden and any group found to be doing so will be asked to leave site.

Q. Are dogs allowed on-site?
A. No. Only working assistance dogs are allowed on site, please inform the Duty Manager if you are bringing an assistance dog. Anyone with a dog on site will be asked to leave. 

Q. Is smoking permitted on-site?
A. Smoking is not permitted in any Ferny Crofts buildings or in front of young people. Smoking is permitted on-site in designated areas. Please respect other people and other groups when smoking.

Q. How do I get in touch with Ferny Crofts Staff?
A. Staff can be identified by their yellow T-Shirts and blue jackets and are usually to be found across the site. If you do wish to speak to a member of staff and they are not around on site, then please visit Reception during opening hours.

Q. What time does the tuck shop open?
A. During the summer (July-September), the shop is open regularly and the opening hours are displayed on the shop noticeboard. If the shop is not open and a group of you would like to purchase items, please ask your leader to come to Reception, where we can try and arrange a time for the shop to be opened for you.

Q. Can I drive my vehicle down to the Amenities block to load/unload kit?
A. Please come to Reception to ask if you can do this. A member of staff will check the access, and if its possible will then be able to unlock the restricted access gate at the site entrance. Please do not block the access gates to the field when parking to unload your kit.

Q. Are there trolleys available to use to load/unload kit?
A. Yes. Trolleys are stored in the trolley park located adjacent to the Small Climbing Tower. Trolleys must be returned back to the trolley park after use.

Q. When is the site curfew?
A. Site Curfew extends from 2300hrs to 0700hrs. Noise between these times must be kept to a minimum. Generators may not be operated during the Centre curfew.

Q. Can I freeze ice blocks?
A. Yes. There is a small freezer for freezing ice blocks outside the Heritage Centre near reception. Please write the name of your group on the ice blocks. The freezers are not to be used for storing food. 

If you have any other questions about your stay, please contact us at 

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