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Morning sunshine on Ferny Crofs campsites

Accessibility at Ferny Crofts

At Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to challenge themselves and undertake adventurous outdoor activities.


We are constantly making changes to try and improve the accessibility across our site and activities and although we have not yet managed to achieve this, it is something that we are focused on and aim to keep improving.

We have put together this page for groups who are looking to make a booking at Ferny Crofts, to try and provide as much information as possible, regarding the accessibility across the site, including the limitations that we face.

Staff Training

Diversity training

In house disability training

training on specialist equipment for activities

Experience/close partnership with SEN groups

Chameleon Camp?

Campsite and Tented Village


Access to Campsite - We are very fortunate to be located within the New Forest National Park. However, this does come with its limitations in terms of accessibility. From the main road, we are located at the end of a long gravel driveway which can be extremely bumpy and uneven for vehicles and people coming into site. Our entire site is made up of uneven ground ranging from our field and woodland sites, to our gravel pathways which lead to the majority of our activities.  

Tented Village

Access to Tented Village - Located within one of our woodland campsites. The ground is very uneven and can become very sodden when we have experienced a fair amount of rainfall. 


Each of the bell tents has a small wooden decking which is raised from the ground. The majority of the site is surrounded by fence and it is a short walk to the main amenities block.   

Facilities and Buildings

The Mountbatten Lodge

Access to Building - The building is located next to the carpark, so is accessible by vehicle. There are two entranceways into the building. One single doorway on the carpark side, measures.....  The second is a double doorway which measures.... and leads out onto a patio area which can be accessed via the carpark. Both doorways have small lips at the bottom of the door frame. A sloped pathway leads onto the campsite. 

Amenities - There is one accessible wet room which includes a shower, toilet and lowered sink with handrails. 

Bedrooms - The majority of bedrooms consist of bunkbeds. Two of the bedrooms contain single beds with one being more spacious than the other, making it more suitable for wheelchair users. 

The Croft Centre

Access to Building - The building is located next to reception and vehicles can pull up outside the building to unload. The main entranceway is located at the end of a short concrete path that is a little uneven. This is a double doorway which measures..... and has a lip on 

Amenities - 

Bedrooms - 

Sky High Conservatory

The Inca Suite

Amenities Block

Field Kitchen


All our activities have varying degrees of physical and mental challenges to them. All our instructors hold first aid qualifications but are not always qualified to assess the capacity of participants who may require additional support in order to partake in the activities. It remains the responsibility of your group leaders to undertake an assessment of the risks involved prior to and during participation.


If you think that either yourself or someone within your group will need additional support during activities with us, it is important that you inform us prior to making a booking. This will ensure that we can make any relevant/possible adjustments for you and your group which will result in a more enjoyable experience overall. This may include additional equipment or different levels of supervision during a session. 

Safety Briefings

At the start of all our instructed sessions our instructors will provide a briefing on how to undertake that specific activity safely. All participants will be required to listen to this briefing and will be asked that they understand the consequences of not following the strict safety rules prior the session starting. Instructors will be present throughout the duration of the session and participants will have to follow their instructions. If our instructors feel that anyone is not following the safety instructions, or putting either their own or others safety at risk, they will stop the session. If participants continue to exhibit these behaviours the session will end. 

Climbing, Abseiling & Zip Wire

High Ropes

Target Sports

Water Sports

On Ground Activities

Self-Led Activities

If you have any questions about any specific needs you or your group's participants may have, please contact us via or call us on 023 8084 5092. 

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