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Sunset Ferny Crofts

site developments 

Ferny Crofts is committed to providing a high quality, memorable experience for all who stay on site. In order to achieve this we value any feedback that is provided from our guests in order to help us improve the site and the facilities that we offer. We also aim to add a new activity to site every year to offer new experiences to returning customers. 

Pizza Oven Improvements - June 2023

After listening to customer feedback, we have carried out works to improve our second Pizza Oven.

We have added an undercover shelter and benches to add comfort and to ensure groups get the most out of this area. 

Pavillion Set-up 5.jpg

Marquee - May 2023

We have upgraded our old Gala Tents to a new marquee providing much more space for your groups and a much sturdier structure.


Available to hire in sections, the marquee comes equipped with tables and benches and can be used for dining, indoor activities and escaping the wet weather in winter.



The marquee was generously donated to us by New Forest Trust.

Field Kitchen - May 2023

Want to camp but still eat a home cooked meal? Our new Field Kitchen, designed and built by the Ferny Crofts team, may be the perfect addition to your camp!

Our new, fully equipped container kitchen will enhance your outdoor cooking experience. This container kitchen will make meal preparation at the campsite more efficient and enjoyable, allowing you to focus on the beauty of nature and the joy of cooking outdoors.


Tunnelling - July 2022

In July 2022 we had the grand unveiling of our new Tunnelling Bus at the Hampshire Scouts Annual AGM hosted at Ferny Crofts. 


This is an exciting new instructed activity which will test your group's bravery and teamwork.

Designed and built by the Ferny Crofts team, we know you will love this activity as much as we do!

Crossbow Shooting - November 2021

Another exciting new activity introduced at Ferny Crofts!


In November 2021 we introduced Crossbow Shooting to our ever growing activity availability. Fancy trying something new, give Crossbow Shooting a go! 

Crossbows 8.jpg

Mobile Climbing Wall - April 2021

We purchased our Mobile Climbing Wall so that we are able to bring Ferny Crofts to you!


We have been to many great events with our climbing tower and made great use of it at Ferny Crofts events too. If you are looking for some excitement at your next event or Scout camp, look no further!

High ropes- April 2019

Ferny Crofts High Ropes
Ferny Crofts Wobbly Pole
Ferny Crofts Quick Jump

The new High Ropes course replaces our previous course of wooden pole and cable construction which had come to the end of its 10 year lifespan. The new course is constructed of
steel, giving a much longer lifespan of 25 years, making it more cost-effective.

The course was designed by the Ferny Crofts team to be bespoke to our needs, providing a significant increase in the number of activities offered, and the option to extend the course in the future if demand increases.


In designing our new activities the focus was on providing a range of developmental activities, ensuring that they are not only fun but also enable young people to achieve learning outcomes such as teamwork, leadership and communication skills.


From concept to completion, the project took 12 months, involving consultations with Ferny Crofts staff, young people and their Leaders, and made possible thanks to collaboration with a number of professionals in the fields of design and engineering.

The new High Ropes course provides four brand new activities,
along with increasing capacity of tried and tested activities from the old High Ropes course.

With this course we have added these great new activities:

• Quick Jump
• Wobbly Pole
• Abseiling
• Jacob’s Ladder

We have also added a second element of the following activities:

• Crate Stack
• Gladiator Challenge
• Leap of Faith

Adventure Course Improvements - February 2019

We have added two new elements to the Adventure Course, which are a couple of wooden tunnels and a tyre hurdle obstacle. 

We have also added wood chippings around the bases of our net tunnels and mini Bouldering wall. 

This is part of an ongoing objective to improve the quality of the whole Adventure Course. 

Ferny Crofts Adventure Course
Wifi - Lodge

Improved wifi - December 2018

The WiFi within most of our indoor accommodation has previously been non-existent with the only exception being the Inca Suite.

To resolve this we have invested within the WiFi infrastructure on site which now means that it is available to all visiting leaders staying within the Mountbatten Lodge, Croft Centre and Sky High Conservatory.

Pond edging improved - October 2018

We have installed new pond edging in order to prevent further erosion of the bank. 

This has created a solid edge to the bank which in turn has improved the experience of both our Raft Building and Paddle Game sessions for all participants entering the pond. 

Ferny Crofts Pond
Ferny Crofts Pond Edging
Ferny Crofts Tented Village

tented village - May 2018

Our newly installed tented village is made up of eight bell tents, each on a raised bed with decked porched bases and solar panel lights at each entrance. It has its own concrete fire stand and benches within the campsite. 

A mess tent and table and benches are included when booked. 

This is a perfect way to take the hassle out of your camp. By booking the tented village your group will only need to bring along cooking equipment and personal kit. 

Adventure Course Improvements - April 2018

We have updated the Adventure Course and removed the tyre swing element and have replaced it with a brand new mini Bouldering Wall. 

The Adventure Course can be booked as a self-led or instructed sessions and is the ideal session to build upon your groups team work abilities. 

If you book a self-led session you can find some game/challenge ideas on the board within the activity zone. Alternatively, you can create your own games to suit your objectives. 

Ferny Crofts Adventure Course
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