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Looking for something to do with the family during the Summer Holidays?


Why not come along to Ferny Crofts and partake in some of our adventurous onsite activities.

These will include Crossbows, Climbing, Archery, Low Ropes, High Ropes and Adventure Course. 


MOnday 26th August 2024

Adventure Fun Day

Event Details

There shall be two session slots that you can book within. There shall be a morning slot which shall run between 9:30 - 12:30pm and an afternoon slot which will run between 1:30 - 4:30pm


Tickets shall be £12 per person. Most activities shall be suitable for ages 4+ with the exception of Crossbows and some of the High Rope activities. Any attending adults who just wish to spectate and not partake in the activities, can attend for free. (places still need to be booked at time of booking, so we have an idea of attending numbers) Under 4's can attend for free but will not be able to partake in any of the activities. 


This shall be an event full of exciting activities that you can enjoy on a queue and do basis. The activities included within the ticket price will be:


  • Archery

  • Tomahawk Throwing

  • Climbing

  • Crossbows

  • Low Ropes

  • High Ropes

  • Adventure Course

 There shall also be a drink and food vendor on site (exact details TBC), for you to be able to purchase from in order to keep your energy levels up to complete all of the activities. 

terms and conditions

Ferny Crofts have implemented a few terms and conditions for the event in addition to our standard terms:


  • This particular event is open to the general public but tickets can be purchased by Scout and Guide groups, if they wish to attend the day. 

  • All attendance should be ideally booked in advance. However, we will accept bookings on the day, if we still have tickets remaining. Upon arrival you shall be issued with a wristband which shall be checked throughout the day. Attendees not partaking in the activities shall be issued with a different colour wristband.    

  • Full payment is required at the time of booking, and places are non-refundable. 

  • Tickets are available for individuals ages 4 years+. Under 4's and spectating adults go free. However, attendance must be booked at the time of booking, so we have a good idea of attending numbers.

  • All children attending the event must have adult pastoral carers present with them throughout. 

  • NO dogs allowed on site

  • All other Ferny Crofts Terms and Conditions and Centre Rules still apply.

Event disclaimer

  • This event is open to the general public. Therefore, if you are a Scout or Guide group attending the day, please ensure that your Risk Assessments account for the fact that members of the public shall be on site at the same time. 

  • We can not guarantee that individuals will be able to go on every single activity that will be available. We shall manage queues as much as we are able to. If there is a long queue for a particular activity move onto the next and come back to avoid waiting around and missing out altogether. 

  • There is limited parking at Ferny Crofts. Therefore, we ask that where possible, you car share to reduce the amount of cars on site. We shall send out an email prior arrival for vehicle details, so that we can plan accordingly. 

  • The site is located at the end of a gravel track, with only one gateway for cars arriving and leaving site. Therefore, the car park can get very busy and it is very likely that you may have to queue for a bit to get into site. We shall have a team of volunteers located within the car park, directing cars on where to park. Please follow their directions and park accordingly. 

  • Please note that due to it being towards the end of our peak season, with heavy vehicle use, the track is likely to be very bumpy!

  • There are onsite toilets that you shall be able to use throughout the event. 


Bookings now open

Bookings can be made via our online portal. 


If you have any questions about the event, please contact the office on: 02380 845092 or via

A member of staff will more more than happy to assist you with any queries that you may have about the event. 

volunteers needed

To help us make the Adventure Fun Day a success, we shall require a selection of volunteers to run some of the activities throughout the day. We shall need people to run the following activities:

  • Archery

  • Crossbows

  • Climbing

  • Tomahawk Throwing

  • Catering will be provided throughout the event for all volunteers.

  • Camping is available. Any volunteers 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult leader. 

  • Limited indoor accommodation will be available for any leaders and will be based on a first come first served basis when signing up.

To volunteer for the Adventure Fun Day, please CLICK HERE and complete the form.

If you would like further information about volunteering at Ferny Croft contact us via: or call us on 02380845092. 

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