Mud run 2020

A brand new event to Ferny Crofts for 2020, so why not sign up your group and enter.

This event is open to all Scouts ranging from Beavers right up to Adult Leaders. The focus on the Ferny Crofts Mud Run is all about having fun rather than competing against each other.  Therefore, we encourage you to all to work as a team and help each other around the obstacle course, even if you have never met before!

Saturday 7th march 2020


fully booked

What is the objective of this event?

Participants of Ferny Crofts Mud Run 2020 will run a course which will be broken up with a variety of team work inspired obstacles. The objective this event is all about having fun in an outdoor environment whilst developing skills of working as a team. Therefore it will not be a timed event with an over all winner of the day, it will primarily be an event all about having fun whilst working alongside the other people taking part in the day and building a comradeship with other Scout groups.  

You do not have to be an experienced runner to take part in this event so training is not required.

Provisional Event Details

The event will take place on Saturday 7th March 2020. The day will run from approximately 9:30 - 3:00pm and will cost £8 per participant.


During the day participants will have the opportunity to take part in optional activities and competitions such as Archery, Tomahawk Throwing and Traditional Fun Fair Games. 

The Mud Run start times will then be staggered based on age ranges. Each age range will have a different distance run to take part in. All runs will have a variety of obstacles throughout. 

Beavers - Approximately 800 m - 1 km run

Cubs - Approximately 1.6 km - 2 km run

Scouts - Approximately 2.5 km

Explorers and Adults - Approximately 4.5 - 5 km

There will be two course routes, a shorter course and a longer course.


The Beavers will do one lap around the shorter course and the cubs will do two lengths around it.


The Scouts will do one length around the longer course and the explorers/leaders will do two laps around it.

There will be obstacles approximately every 100 m throughout the course. For the older groups on each course who will be doing it twice, there will be different ways that they can attack some of the obstacles the second time around. 


Before each run there will be a fun and exciting group warm up. 



Provisional day's Layout - Final details tbc

Groups can start to arrive to site from 9:00am and will be asked to check in at the registration point (location TBC). Leaders shall the be issued with event packs which will have all participant numbers included.


There shall be some optional activities and competitions which shall be open from 9:30am. Groups can partake in these whilst they are waiting for their race start time.

The Mud Run courses will start from approximately 11:00am. There will be a staggered start time to split the age ranges up. These will be confirmed nearer the day once we have a better idea of sign up and the amount of participants within each category.  

The courses will run throughout the duration of the afternoon. They will include a variety of obstacles such as; up and overs, cargo net crawls, mud pits and trenches plus much more. All participants will receive a medal for their participation at the end of the event. The event shall finish at approximately 3:00pm. 

There shall be tea and coffee being sold during the event. There will be a slightly discounted price for those that bring along refilling flasks/cups. There shall also be hot water available for those that want to bring along their own tea and coffee. There is also drinking water available on site for participants to fill up their own bottles. 

what to wear

Participants will get muddy, so if you are going to take on the Mud Run, make sure that you wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. We also advise that you ensure that clothing is lightweight and comfortable, so that you can move easily throughout the course.

Comfortable trainers are a must! Please DO NOT wear wellies, open toed shoes or football boots. 

We would also advise bringing along a set of clean, dry clothes and a towel. There is a central amenities block available for people to change in, as well as shower. However, due to the amount of people on site wanting to use the facilities in a short space of time it shall be very busy and queues are extremely likely. 


Therefore, we encourage participants to towel off as much as possible and shower once they get home to limit the impact on the amenities block and reduce the amount of time groups have to hang around. 

We shall also have a variety of shelters available that participants can use as changing rooms. We shall provide bin bags for participants to place their wet clothes into after the run

terms and conditions

The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for participants to build upon their team work skills through a fun and adventurous way. It shall not be a timed competitive event.

Ferny Crofts have implemented a few terms and conditions for the event:

  • ·Participants have to have attendance booked in advance and cannot just turn up on the day, due to the programme layout and staffing having to be confirmed before the event starts.

  • This event is open to all Scout and Guide groups with participants aged 6+.

  • All young participants/groups must have a pastoral carer from the registered organisation (Scouts/Guides) present with them during the event. If leaders of any attending group are taking part in the race themselves, they need to ensure that there are enough pastoral carers/leaders present to remain with the young participants during this time. 

  • Full payment must be received before a booking is confirmed. The cut off date for final payments is the 5th February 2020. If we have not received payment by this date we shall cancel the booking. This will be strictly applied due to the high demand for the event. 

  • Refunds cannot be issued under any circumstances once a booking has been confirmed.

  • Specific event details shall be sent to the Lead Contact on the booking a few weeks before the event takes place.

  • Groups must inform Ferny Crofts at the registration point upon arrival of any health conditions that any of their group/ participants have. Ferny Crofts only require details of medical conditions that may be affected by participating in the event. We shall not require individual names, as relevant medical details shall be allocated to the correlating participant numbers on the day.

  • In order to use the equipment, participants need to be in good physical condition without any medical conditions that may increase the likelihood of causing injury or being involved in an accident.  

  • Participants must exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times; demonstrate respect for all people, equipment and facilities; and participate with a cooperative and positive attitude.

  • Parents are unable to follow their children around the entire course. This is due to the nature of the woodland surroundings that the route shall follow. There shall be designated viewing areas at points throughout the course for parents and leaders (who are not participating in the event) to view the young participants.

  • All participants and spectators of the event must respect and adhere to the instructions and directions given by the event marshals/organisers.

  • Groups must make appropriate arrangements to travel. There is limited parking at Ferny Crofts, so we encourage all groups to car share as much as possible.  

event Waiver
  • Participants (18+) or parents/guardians of participants 18 and under acknowledge that due to the terrain and nature of the event, only those that are medically able to should participate.

  • Participants (18+) or parents/guardians of participants 18 and under understand that due to the physical nature of this event, there are inherent risks of physical injury. Inherent risks are risks that cannot be eliminated completely regardless of the care and precautions taken. There is a high possibility of minor injuries which include but are not limited to injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bruises and sprains. Serious injuries are much less common but may occur which include but are not limited to, broken bones, concussions and heat related injuries.

  • ·Participants (18+) or parents/guardians of participants 18 and under assume all the risks of participating in this event and accept complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur during the event.

  • Participants (18+) or parents/guardians of participants 18 and under consent to receive medical treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the event.

  • Groups understand that both photographic and video footage will be taken during the evening and shall be used by Ferny Crofts on social media, the Ferny Crofts website and future advertising materials such as leaflets and posters.

  • Due to the nature of the event and the amount of people on site, the toilets and amenities block are going to be in high demand and therefore extremely busy with queues likely. We encourage participants to towel off as much as possible and shower once they get home to limit the impact on the amenities block and reduce the amount of time groups have to hang around. 

  • We shall also be providing both a male and female changing area away from the main amenities block. Ferny Crofts will provide bin bags for participants to place their wet/muddy clothes within after they have completed their run.

  • There shall be tea and coffee being sold during the event. There will be a slightly discounted price for those that bring along refilling flasks/cups. There shall also be hot water available for those that want to bring along their own tea and coffee. There is also drinking water available on site for participants to fill up their own bottles. 

  • We shall have a main First Aid area specifically for the event and shall administer First Aid when it is required. However, we do request that group leaders bring along a small First Aid Kit for any minor injuries that can be dealt with easily. 

  • Due to the high number of vehicles expected to arrive to site, please be advised that the car park will be very busy and queues will be highly likely whilst our volunteers/staff get vehicles parked. We recommend car sharing as much as possible to help reduce the volume of cars on site. 

  • We shall provide some wet weather shelters but these will be limited. If you believe that you will want to stay on site for the majority of the day we advise that you bring along your own shelter if you would like to guarantee availability. 

  • We shall be providing some optional day time activities for participants to take part in before and after their run. These are solely available on a 'queue and do' basis in order the limit the amount of time that participants have to wait around with nothing to do. Due to the amount of people partaking in the event, queues will be highly likely. 

How to place a booking

This event is currently fully booked.


If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please provide the following details:

  • Group Name

  • Lead Contact Name and Email

  • Contact Number

  • Postal Address

  • Participant ages and quantities Eg 6 Cubs, 3 Scouts and 4 Leaders. 

We shall then contact you if any more spaces become available.

If you have a question or would like to speak to a member of our team to find out more information, please contact the office on:

02380845092 or via

volunteers needed


To help us make the Ferny Crofts Mud Run a success we shall require a selection of volunteers to assist our staff throughout the day. We shall need people to help with a variety of jobs such as:

  • Helping/running the warm up activities 

  • Helping set participants off at the start of each run.

  • Be located throughout the courses helping participants at obstacles if required. 

  • Assisting the Ferny Crofts staff within the car park directing flow of traffic

  • Directing participants throughout the event.

  • Assisting the Ferny Crofts staff during the morning activities

  • Catering will be provided throughout the event for all volunteers.

  • Camping will also be available. Any volunteers 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult leader. 

To volunteer for the Ferny Crofts Mud Run, please click HERE and complete the form.

If you would like further information about volunteering at Ferny Croft contact us via: or call us on 02380845092. 


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